The Fire & Colour Art Challenge



Holy Spirit Fire and a Palette of Colour;

two important ingredients for a meaningful work of art.


The Fire & Colour Art Challenge is designed to help you grow in your creative gifting as you look to the Word of God and Holy Spirit to inspire your creations. Every few weeks, Fire & Colour will post a scripture verse on Instagram which you can choose to letter, paint, sculpt, or use any other creative means to express. It’s all about spending time with the Lord and allowing Him to inspire you.

Once you have created your artwork, choose two other scripture verses that also connect to your creation. Then you can post a picture of your work with a description and the two other scripture references on Instagram with the hashtag #fireandcolour. You can view other people's artwork under #fireandcolour and see the variety of interpretations. Of course, if the Lord gives you a different scripture verse to inspire your art, go for it! We want to see what He is inspiring you to create.

You don't have to be an accomplished artist to get involved! We all have creativity in us because we are created in the image of God, the ultimate Creator. Let’s encourage each other as we dive into the world of God-inspired (Prophetic) art and use it to speak to a world in need of Jesus. Let’s start a Holy Fire of Colour for the world to see!


Find the Art Challenge on Instagram: @fireandcolour



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