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 God is raising up an army of artists who are devoted to glorifying Him through the arts and revealing His heart to the nations.



Meghan Williams

Dyed4you Ministries, United States

Meghan Williams is the founder of Dyed4you Ministries. She creates prophetic art and silks and is passionate about hearing the voice of God and helping others do the same. The primary mission of Dyed4you Ministries is to help foster deep relationships with God. This is accomplished through the Dyed4you silks, Dyed4you Art prophetic digital artwork, daily Prophetic Nuggets on, and Inspired Flow Art, all of which are supported by an amazing team of prophetic intercessors.

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Codye Reystead

2911 The Treasury, Colorado, United States

Codye Reystead is a worshipper, a writer, a speaker, and a skilled artist of the Father's heart. In addition to being a full time artist and author, Codye is also founder of the prophetic creative ministry, 2911 The Treasury. Her passion is to build, encourage, and equip the sons and daughters of God into their God-given identities, callings, and destinies. Codye believes in helping others discover their God-given creativity and live a creative lifestyle. She burns to see others undone by the raw and radical love of Jesus; transformed and empowered, to walk in their God-given identity and become all that He created them to be.

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Jeanette Sthamann

Brushed by the Spirit, Alberta, Canada

Jeanette Sthamann is a visionary artist, wife and mother of two beautiful kids. She was born and raised in rural Saskatchewan and now resides in Okotoks Alberta where she has gladly laid down some roots. Most of her subjects are inspirations - pictures that are inspired by the heart of God. She has painted commissions from others' visions for which they provide the words and she creates the art. She has also done prophetic commissions where she is lead by the Holy Spirit to paint what's being revealed to her for that person. It is her desire for people to be drawn into the beauty and nature of our Creator through the gift of creativity!

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Mindi Oaten

Alberta, Canada

Mindi Oaten enjoys two facets of life as an artist. One, juggling a busy schedule as a wife and a mom of three boys, while working in her home studio in Cochrane, Alberta. The other, painting live prophetically during worship services throughout the United States, and more recently overseas. She is contracted by a ministry based out of Dallas, TX called Time to Revive.
Mindi paints everyday imagery the Lord shows her and invites the viewer into a deeper message. She believes there is power in the simplicity of everyday visuals when the Holy Spirit is the inspiration behind it. Painting is her act of worship. It allows her to connect to the Lord, to give, to inspire, and to invite the viewer into a new perspective.

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Nancy Cupp

Ohio, United States

When asked to describe herself, Nancy says, “I call myself a painter of hope. Some call my art prophetic. My paintings are the visual songs and prayers of my heart, exploring the mysteries of life and bringing love and healing to the soul and spirit. My art brings the mysteries of Heaven down to earth in a visual way to touch hearts and point people to our loving Heavenly Father. I want my art to point people to Jesus Christ. Watercolour, mixed media, acrylics, and coloured pencils have been my weapons of choice, with brilliant colours to brighten and delight the soul. Representational themes from nature inspire most of my art. I see God’s fingerprints on all creation. The more I get into art, the more spiritually aware I am and the closer to God I become. I want my art to touch people at the gut level, where no words are necessary, where art meets heart, and heart meets God.”

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Melani Pyke

Ontario, Canada

Award winning Canadian artist Melani Pyke has enjoyed living in the Niagara region for the last 14 years, but has reached people worldwide through the oil and acrylic paintings she has created over the last 25 years. Her paintings remind us to enjoy the natural world while carrying messages of hope and healing through a lyrical realism inspired by the timeless truths of the Bible. Melani plays an active role in the local community by leading art camps and workshops for children, and instructing weekly drawing and painting classes for all ages and abilities. Many of her paintings are created before live audiences at community events. After winning multiple Art Battle live painting competitions recently, she went on to compete in the national competition in July 2018. Melani is also well-known for her public mural projects throughout the Niagara region. Melani completed YWAM’s University of the Nations’ School of Illustration program in Kona Hawaii in 2001, and Mohawk College’s Graphic Design program in 2003.

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Yoonsoo Nam

NamYoonsoo Art, Texas, United States

Artist Yoonsoo Nam is a visual artist who paints unique and extraordinary pictures of the heavenly realm in spirit and in truth. Through her exhibitions, live shows and website, her paintings and poems have been impacting many souls in various counties. She was born in Seoul, Korea, graduated from Ewha Womans University with Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts, Seoul Jangsin Theological Seminary with Master of Divinity, and Christ For The Nations Institute, Dallas, Texas. She is a current associate pastor of Oasis International Church and a director of ARUKAHO, an art and music organization in Coppell, Texas USA.

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Candice van der Westhuizen

Heart Art, South Africa

Candice creates from a deep place of intimacy in the centre of the heart of Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. She sees her works as “living heart beats” pulsating with life, beauty, colour and light, transporting and releasing these elements and more. There is nothing more fulfilling for her than being obedient to the Holy Spirit when painting something, only for it to have a life changing, profound impact on people. Ninety five percent of her work is created and finished spontaneously during worship, heavily relying on Holy Spirit in this process.

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Signe Flink


Signe Flink Lives in Sweden and has been painting since she was young. In 2011, Jesus touched her life and healed her from many spiritual wounds and burdens. After that, she started painting in a new way. Now painting is no longer just for herself, but instead it has become a way of glorifying God and sharing the Word of God. For the most part, her art is inspired during moments of praise, prayer, Bible reading or during sermons and testimonies. Signe holds true to God's word and wants to be faithful to it.

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Jeremiah Yao

British Columbia, Canada

Jeremiah has loved art since he was little. During his years as a Fine Art major at the University of British Columbia, he was able to dive deeper, and soak in, all forms of art. After he came to Christ, the verse, “Why do you seek the living amongst the dead?” (Luke 24:5) completely shifted his approach to art and he began a journey of artistic expression with the Lord. God has taken him on a long inner-healing journey and restored his perception of many colours that he was previously unable to see. “How could my art express the joy of having eternal life?” became the direction he started to run. His heart is constantly drawn to revealing the Father’s love through prophetic art.

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