Holy Spirit Fire and a Palette of Colour - two important ingredients for a meaningful work of art.


FIRE & COLOUR is a site dedicated to showcasing prophetic art and creativity. Through our blog, email newsletter and social media, we feature Christian artwork inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Elizabeth McLellan began Fire & Colour in 2016 as an online shop to sell the Christian gifts she created. In 2018, the Lord shifted Fire & Colour to be prophetic-art-focused. Elizabeth is gathering artists and lifting them up so their work can be seen by more people across the globe.

Our mission is for the prophetic arts to reach more people. There is a need for prophetic artwork to be in more homes. We encourage you to make it a part of your own home; it will richly bless you and help you share Christ with others!



Passionate Living & Creative Worship

We believe in a lifestyle of living passionately for Jesus and using the creative gifts to worship the Lord. God is raising up an army of artists who are devoted to glorifying Him through the arts and revealing His heart to the nations. Art is a powerful tool in the hands of the church. Join us as we start a Holy Fire of Colour for the world to see!


The Fire & Colour Shop

We create beautiful products to inspire you. Right now, we are working to shift our shop to also be prophetic-art-focused. There will be prophetic paintings in the shop soon! Sign up for our newsletter here to be informed of sales and new products.



What is Prophetic Art?

Prophetic art is art inspired by the Holy Spirit - a message from God. It is a form of prophecy and worship. The testimony of Jesus is released through prophetic art because “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Rev. 19:10) The Holy Spirit uses prophetic art to touch people and speak to them in a powerful way.

Watch this video by artist Ana Mendez Ferrell about how prophetic art can affect the atmosphere in a home



Hello, I'm Elizabeth, the founder of Fire & Colour! I currently reside in Ontario, Canada with my husband Luke and kids Meira and Micah. I am a creative who loves to dabble in many different mediums. Deeper intimacy with the Lord and revival are very important to me. I am passionate about expressing God's heart through the arts and I love artwork that exudes fiery love for Jesus! I believe God is doing many new things through the arts and I want to be a part of it with you all!


I recently started painting again after 6 years! You can follow my prophetic art journey on my Instagram and Facebook page.



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