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Yesterday morning, I came downstairs to one of my favourite mugs sitting on the counter. My pink Jesus Loves Me mug had a coffee ring as though it had been used. I thought, "I didn't use my mug, why is it dirty?" I soon realized my husband Luke had used it earlier that morning, which I didn't expect. I never thought he'd use a pretty pink mug, but as he later put it, "Even real men with beards can put their whiskers in a pink mug." He was drawn to use it that morning and the Lord spoke to Him through it. This is the reason why I've created all the products in my shop - to point you towards the Lord and for Him to speak to you through them. The following is what he wrote that morning.


No, this isn’t about adman and Under The Influence radio host Terry O’Reilly’s new bestselling book – although I would like to read it. This is about the love of God. Do you know God loves you? As I sit here sipping my morning coffee I am challenged, not by the words of my daily devotional, but by the words of my mug. “Jesus Loves Me, this I know.” I can say the words. They sound good. But do I really believe what I am saying? Do I really know Jesus loves me? Most of us have been told many times before that God loves us. We know John 3:16 from memory. But do we know it by heart? Sometimes, when things become so familiar, their meanings can be lost. But the reason why John 3:16 is so widely used to communicate the message of salvation is that it’s truth is profound. “God so loved…” Think about it for a minute. This is a good time to ask yourself, “Do I really know that God loves me?” Be honest with yourself (sometimes the hardest thing to do). If you really believe and know that Jesus loves you, then how do your actions, words, thoughts (which are unspoken words) and lifestyle reflect this knowledge?




But why does it matter? Because if I don’t really believe the words I’m saying, it is sin. You mean, to not believe that Jesus loves me is a sin? Yes, the Bible is clear that unbelief is sin (John 3:18, John 16:9, Heb. 3:12), and that all people are without excuse (Rom. 1:19-20). But we praise God for the gift of repentance and that He has made a way that we can come to know God's love for us, all because of the cross of Jesus Christ!




“Lord, please show me any areas in my heart where I don’t fully believe that you love me.” There is always room to know more of the "everlasting love" of God. John 17:3 says, "This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." True biblical knowledge of God's love goes beyond awareness of its existence to a very real, intimate, life-altering, continual experience of a relationship with our Creator. So continue to "work out your salvation with fear and trembling" - because Jesus Loves You. This I know. 

- Luke McLellan

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