Vessels of Revival by Codye Reystead

I am so excited to share one of my favourite pieces of prophetic art with you! When I first viewed Codye's gallery, I was instantly ushered into the presence of the Lord. Her work is like deep waters, encouraging us into a place of greater intimacy with Jesus. Enjoy and be blessed! - Elizabeth McLellan


Vessels of Revival by Codye Reystead of 2911 The Treasury

Acrylic on canvas, Painted Live: Worship on the Rocks, Boulder, Colorado


Word for this artwork: It is the seas of My heart swelling with divine momentum, for My Kingdom vessels are upon the horizon–surfacing upon the crests of personal revival. Now, filled with the holy knowings of purpose and destiny, My vessels are becoming My vessels of revival. Now, I Am bringing you forth, for I have purposed, fashioned, and readied you for such a time as this. Now is your time to be unveiled, enraptured by the beauty of My Presence and immersed in My unfailing love.

My worshipping vessels–My beloved lovers, you are being unveiled. This is your time. Advance knowing My glorious nature is saturating your hulls, My creative power is seeping through your sterns, and the fires of revival are billowing at your bows. Yes, My beloved ones, My worshippers and My lovers, you are coming forth, burning with holy desire for My unfailing love to be known by all mankind…

The undisclosed ones are becoming disclosed. There will be innumerable “suddenlies” as I bring My vessels of revival forth. In new and unusual ways I Am bringing you forth. I Am bringing you up from the hidden places where I have been forming you. I Am bringing you forth from the veiled waters of preparation in which I have been concealing you. The world will look upon you, not know where you have come from, but wanting what you carry… for you carry My heart, My relentless love for all humanity. Know that what My vessels of revival spread will be both contagious and eternal…



Beautifully seasoned upon the seas of My heart, My vessels are emerging now, burning with the fires of revival at their bows and redemption carved upon their planks. Attuned to the winds of My Spirit they carry the Presence of The One who ever calls them closer. Advancing as living and authentic expressions of My heart, My vessels of revival have now come into position to spread the revelatory fires of My unfailing love to the hearts of all mankind.

With great acceleration, My kingdom fleets are advancing to be seen upon the horizon of humanity. The nations will encounter the eternal wakes of My unfailing love, the endless waves of My creative power, and the divine momentum of My Holy Spirit through My vessels of revival. For this is a new day, and I am bringing to pass that which I have destined for My beloved ones, My worshippers, My lovers, My vessels of revival….

Individually and corporately I Am bringing to pass My eternal plans. My Glorious Nature will be sewn into the sails of My vessels of revival as I release My creative power through them in unsurpassed measures. No nation will go untouched by the revolutionary impact they carry. All of creation will be touched, for the winds of heaven will blow in their favor to spread the fires of holy revival wherever they go. The expansion of My kingdom is underway and it is unprecedented in its course. Behold, My vessels are advancing in the paradoxical authenticity of bold humility. Yes, My vessels are advancing for My kingdom is coming… the fires of revival have begun….

- Codye Reystead


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Codye Reystead is a worshipper, a writer, a speaker, and a skilled artist of the Father's heart. In addition to being a full time artist and author, Codye is also founder of the prophetic creative ministry, 2911 The Treasury. Her passion is to build, encourage, and equip the sons and daughters of God into their God-given identities, callings, and destinies. Codye believes in helping others discover their God-given creativity and live a creative lifestyle. She burns to see others undone by the raw and radical love of Jesus; transformed and empowered, to walk in their God-given identity and become all that He created them to be.



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