Mighty Warrior by Meghan Williams

This week's art feature is an encouragement for us to be bold, stand our ground, and walk in the ways of the Lord to experience victory. He calls us His mighty Warriors. Be blessed as you read!

- Elizabeth McLellan


Mighty Warrior by Meghan Williams of Dyed4You Art

Digital Art


Mighty Warrior depicts the one called, commissioned, and empowered by God who boldly stands his ground ready for whatever may come.

Related scriptures: Isaiah 22:22 (NLT), Judges 6:12 (NLT), and Colossians 2:7-10 (TPT).

In the Hebrew pictograph language, the letter dalet represents a door or an impoverished and humble man. One could say that the key to opening the door to each new level of our spiritual development requires us to empty ourselves. We must decrease, that God may increase in us (John 3:30). Our moments of weakness and vulnerability ironically unleash God’s perfect strength. Indeed, there is no greater love that we can demonstrate to God than to lay down our desires and plans, and sincerely seek His desires and plans first. He never demands His way. Therefore, our choice to yield, even when it hurts, is a sweet love offering before Him. For through Christ, the example was best set as He became the perfect epistle of unconditional love. God Himself demonstrated a grave-defeating might through the power of humility and death to self.



A Prophetic Nugget from Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Ministries is connected to this. It’s called “Keys to the Kingdom” and is based on Isaiah 22:22 (NLT), “Beloved, walk in the manner I have instructed and you walk in My authority. Walking in My authority means unmitigated access: the keys to the Kingdom. This is a conditional promise based on your choices and actions. You are always loved, but to be fully empowered you must walk rightly. Reflect My character. Reflect My heart. Obey My word. Shine brightly. Yield to My Spirit. Know that I AM God. Operate from a place of love and compassion rather than one of judgment or pride.  Be My hands and feet to a lost and dying world. Be My love with skin on, for that is a more powerful force than you can imagine.”

Another Prophetic Nugget from Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Ministries is connected to this. It’s called “Key to the Kingdom: Keep Godly Company” and is based on Psalm 1:1 (VOICE), “Beloved, be wise in the company you keep. Be intentional in fostering life-giving relationships that are rooted in a shared love of Me that you might grow together in the way I have intended. Be mindful not to pull one another off course and be quick to restore each other in love when you stumble. Encourage one another to be your best self and to intentionally make choices that are righteous and pleasing to Me, for that is the path of life. There is a time to connect with those who walk in a manner that opposes Me, but do so with the intention of releasing My light and love rather than allowing your own light to be diminished. You have been called for such a time as this. Shine brightly and love well.

Father, may we pursue You relentlessly and reflect You rightly. May we shine brightly and walk in a way that is pleasing to You. You will not give us more than we can handle nor set us up for failure. We are victorious in You. We embrace your promises which are yes amen.

For more prophetic download on this image, visit the gallery page for this piece here.

- Meghan Williams



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Meghan Williams is the founder of Dyed4you Ministries. She creates prophetic art and silks and is passionate about hearing the voice of God and helping others do the same. The primary mission of Dyed4you Ministries is to help foster deep relationships with God. This is accomplished through the Dyed4you silks, Dyed4you Art prophetic digital artwork, daily Prophetic Nuggets on Dyed4youMinistries.com, and Inspired Flow Art, all of which are supported by an amazing team of prophetic intercessors..



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